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Versatile Fall Arrangements Reflect Autumn’s Many Moods

The season of spice, enveloping scents of warmth and comfort, and cozy colors in hues of red, orange and rustic browns is upon us. Fall’s focus on restoration and reflection is undoubtedly an opportunity to create a space equally as welcoming by creating harmonized arrangements with neutrals, bright buds and delicate sprays.

When considering the traditional color combinations for the season, it’s hard to imagine anything but dark and emotionally deep colors to design an arrangement. In reality, a true autumnal mood can be emulated with combinations of all hues on the color spectrum. Here are a few designs we think you’ll enjoy to get the inspiration flowing.

A Walk in the Park

When autumn arrives, we expect dried leaves to fall and summer flowers to fade. But for the first few weeks of autumn, we’re surrounded by the bright colors of summer - reds, oranges, purples and browns - and lush greenery not yet ready to turn.

To emulate the feeling of the first weeks of fall, we chose garden roses in the traditional yellow, orange, red and brown color palette - highlighting Catalina and Miyabi Brown. We used Sola Spr, along with dried flowers and chrysanthemum, to complete the color palette and include elements of the season to create a cohesive design. This arrangement reminds us of a sunny September afternoon in the park.

Edith, Princess Aiko, Capability and Sahara Sensation are other varieties that will achieve this design style.

Autumn Falls In

As the season sets in and summer flowers begin to fade, leaves fall in all colors on the autumn spectrum, including warm oranges, reds and mauves. Consider a combination of bright, cheerful colors that play well with deep hues that signify the season's best points.

Precious Moments and Miyabi Brown are the main focal points of our second arrangement. These garden roses play well with Sola Spr and the bright statement variety Princess Pinku Spr.

This arrangement style brings to mind an autumn maple forest with leaves turning shades of red and purple.

This collection is a warm, cheerful vision for tables and desks that could be used in any season but is particularly fit for fall.

Other varieties that can be used for this style of design are Sunset, Darcey and Effie.

Rich Comfort with a Flash of Zest

Deep in the comforts of the season, rain falls on leaves that have turned, and the bright summer flowers have come to an end. The colors of rust, brown and deep jewel tones take over, signaling the season has settled in, and winter’s touch is about to make way.

With brown, orange and burgundy elements, we chose Golden Mustard garden roses and Hybrid Orange Stone dahlias. Princess Pinku Spr provides a vibrant red burst of color juxtaposing chrysanthemum, amaranthus, craspedia and physalis.

This deeply emotional design creates a true autumn mood. Coupled with pumpkins, a nice cup of hot tea and a dreary day, the deep hues with bright pops of gold and red will emit a mood fit for late fall days as hibernation sets in.

Other varieties that can be used for this style of design are Hettie, Tess and Cafe Latte.

Think Bright and Deep

Autumn can evoke all emotions throughout the season's progression, and there is no limit to how we play with color in floral design to match or change each day’s disposition.

Autumn arrangements can be different - sunny, gloomy or vibrant, but always colorful.

When designing for the season, think outside the box. Try unconventional colors and play with the deep traditional hues of the season to create something unexpected but exciting. Don’t be afraid to be bright and bold and to test the playfulness of natural botanicals to support bold statement stems.


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