Garden roses have long been popular. In the past, breeders focused on traits that were important to florists: longevity and vase life. Some of the garden rose's most special characteristics, including fragrance, were lost in the breeding process.


It wasn't until David Austin began breeding garden roses that things began to change. Austin, the world's best-known garden rose breeder, focused on the flower's most famous characteristics — the old-fashioned cup shape and fragrance — and bred varieties for the cut market that also had a terrific vase life. (Click here to learn more about David Austin.)


That was the tipping point: his varieties introduced modern garden roses to the cut flower industry. This sparked a trend that's been strong ever since, with breeders launching new garden rose varieties and continuing to develop unique varieties each year.


We are proud to grow more than 60 varieties of garden roses at our farm in Colombia, offering florists and designers around the world a wide range of colors, shapes and fragrances to choose from.

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