Ever wondered if you're pronouncing a flower's name correctly? We know that some variety names can be tricky. Please refer to this list of common mispronunciations for help!


Beatrice - BEE-uh-tris
Caramel Antike - Care-uh-mel An-teak
Catalina - Ca-tuh-LEAN-uh
Effie - EFF-ee
Eugenie - you-GEE-knee
Keira - Kear-uh
Mariatheresia - Maria-ter-EE-see-uh
Mayra’s Bridal Pink/Rose - My-ruhs
Miyabi - Me-YAW-bee
Princess Aiko - Princess Eye-EE-co
Princess Hitomi - Princess Hih-TOE-me
Princess Kishi - Princess KEE-she
Princess Maya - Princess My-uh
Princess Meiko - Princess May-EE-co
Princess Miyuki - Princess Me-YOO-kee
Princess Sakura - Princess Saw-COO-ra
Princess Suki - Sue-Kee
Senlitsu - Sen-LEE-tsu
Tiara - Tee-ARE-uh
Tsumugi - Sue-MOO-ghee
Yves Piaget - Eves pee-ah-ZHAY


If you need help with a name that's not on the list, please let us know!

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