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We're proud to work with floral designers, event planners and educators around the world.

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Maria Ines Venegas

Tomas de Bruyne

Tomas De Bruyne from Belgium is the director and founder of Tomas De Bruyne Floral Experiences Worldwide, specializing in large-scale floral art installations for private and social events. He has presented (lectures, seminars, workshops, demonstrations) and reached audiences at every corner of the continents with his talent and knowledge. Author of over 15 books, Tomas is an international highly recognized floral designer who reached the top by winning multiple international awards. From personal decorator for the Swarovski family to doing multiple large scale floral installations for Indian weddings to serving as a senior advisor for the Olympic Games in Beijing, he creates artistic designs within the customer’s commercial framework. Tomas has collaborated with Hitomi Gilliam to create a comprehensive educational ‘European Master Certification’ Program.

Catalina Jimenez

Araik Galstyan

Araik Galstyan is a prestigious floral designer who leads seminars, master classes and demonstrations all over the world. Araik is the founder of Araik Galstyan Floral Design House, the founder and director of Araik Galstyan Moscow International Floral Design School, and the founder of Flowers World magazine. He is the official floral designer of the Russian branch of Sotheby’s auction house, among other organizations.

Joey Azout

Holly Heider Chapple

Holly Heider Chapple is a highly recognized and sought after floral designer, teacher, speaker and mentor based in Loudoun County, Virginia. Her work has been published in countless prestigious publications and top industry blogs. She established Holly Heider Chapple Flowers, owns and operates Hope Flower Farm, has her own product line with Syndicate Sales, and established the Chapel Designers, an international network of florists and event designers.

Maria Paula Cordoba

Hitomi Gilliam AIFD

Hitomi Gilliam is a Japanese Canadian floral artist, keynote lecturer, demonstrator, educator and a consultant. She is the Creative Director for DESIGN358 (2008). She has guest-designed extensively throughout North America, England, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Bermuda, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Belgium, Korea and India. Hitomi has collaborated with Tomas De Bruyne from Belgium to create a comprehensive ‘European Master Certification’ Program.

Stacy Carlton.jpg

Stacey Bal AIFD EMC

Artist Stacey Bal celebrates the value in the vast diversity of the floral industry by wearing many hats including educator, consultant, event designer, magazine contributor, and product developer. She energetically expresses her ever-evolving point of view with unexpected materials and unique combinations of botanicals. A lover of adventure, she travels as a freelance artist and speaker. Stacey's continued lifelong educational journey through various arts and horticulture merge with her experience as a second-generation floral designer. Named one of Florists' Review Magazine's Top 35 Under 35 in 2018, she's recognized for bringing a fresh perspective and strong voice to the industry. Leadership is one of Bal's strongest attributes, which she demonstrates through her work with the American Institute of Floral Designers and as a member of the Floriology Education Team.

Alicia Schwede.jpg

Alicia Schwede

Alicia Schwede is a floral designer, teacher, and founder of the revered industry blog Flirty Fleurs, where she educates and shares information on all areas of the floral industry from rose studies to designer profiles. Alicia’s love for what she does shines through in her work, whether it is designing with flowers for sweet couples through her design business Bella Fiori, teaching fellow flower enthusiasts, hosting floral design workshops across the country or writing about the flower industry. Alicia has been on her flower-filled journey for quite a few years now, and her generosity of knowledge and grateful, easy-going demeanor make her a joy to work with.

Claudia Canaveral

J Schwanke

J Schwanke is an independent flower design consultant, spokesperson and expert on flower design in the American flower industry. J is the CEO of, the first online community for flower lovers, and the host and producer of the flower design shows ‘JTV’ and ‘Fun with Flowers and J.’ J has given demonstrations in all 50 states, Canada and throughout Europe, and he continues to educate and entertain flower fans around the globe.

DK Dennis Kneepkens Mick Stubbe floral i

Dennis Kneepkens

DK design duo Dennis Kneepkens and Mick Stubbe are internationally recognized for their luxurious, romantic style. Specializing in art direction, branding, campaign design, store design and decorating product launches, their work has attracted prestigious venues and brands such as the seven star Burj al Arab Jumeirah Hotel, Leeds Castle and Valmont cosmetics. The duo’s fresh energy and infamous smiles can be found giving lessons, workshops and demonstrations at acclaimed schools, such as Cohim Flower School and Solomon Bloemen, all around the world. Having been awarded numerous prizes, their work continues to be published in magazines worldwide.


Katie Davis

Katie Davis is an internationally-acclaimed florist based in Salem, Oregon - in the heart of the Willamette Valley. Since founding Ponderosa & Thyme in 2011, Katie has become known for her textural designs inspired by nature. In addition to creating florals for intimate weddings, Katie and her team host incredible workshops worldwide for florists and other creatives to explore the art of floral design and creative process. With a heart for education, Katie has been teaching floral design since 2014, serving clients across the globe. Flowers are a language of their own, and while teaching in English, Katie is able to cross cultures with her thoughtful and emotional approach. Just as comfortable teaching the basics as she is pushing experienced professionals to expand their creative boundaries, Katie loves to help people grow, discover and connect.


Sarah Campbell

Sarah Campbell is a renowned wedding expert who has launched multiple wedding businesses. In her early 20s, Sarah found her calling in the wedding industry and founded a thriving event planning firm. From that experience, she saw a need in the industry for a high-end florist serving the Maryland/Washington, D.C. area. She launched Intrigue Design & Décor, concentrating on weddings and social events up and down the East Coast. The business became known for lavish floral installations and over the top wedding designs. Sarah has become a leader in the industry, and her excitement for weddings and passion for design is apparent the moment you meet her. She openly shares her talent and knowledge through speaking, workshops and classes designed specifically for the wedding industry as part of her Intrigue Teaches platform and the bi-annual Intrigued Experience Floral Conference.

Roberto Uribe

René van Rems

Rene van Rems is an Amsterdam, Holland-born designer, presenter, author and the President of Rene van Rems Intl., a creative marketing and design consulting company based in California.

Rudy_Casati Alexandra Farms.jpg

Rodolfo Casati

Rudy Casati comes from a family linked to the cultivation of flowers and plants and who has its own florists. He finished his Agricultural Technician studies in 1979 and trained as a biologist until 1986. During 1999 and 2000, he trained at the Federfiori floral art school and graduated as a 'Federfiori European Florist'. He has continued training internationally until today with recognized masters such as Wim Hazelaar, Tor Gundersen, Ben Zion Gil, O. Sloltz, Gregor Lersch and Mario Sortino. He has worked as Art Director at the Pope's world family meeting decoration (Milan), Venaria International Flower Festival (Turin), Alden Biesen (Belgium) and My Plant International exhibition (Milan). He currently runs his family business and conducts trainings and demonstrations around the world.

Katya Hutter


Shallima Turizo Dancur


Alina Neasca

Leopoldo Gomez

Jacqueline Boerma


Flavia Bruni


Vic Brotherson


Brian Coovert


Deborah de la Flor


Sarah Horne

Gregor Lersch

Ivan Moreno

Pieter Landman


Solomon Leong

Sharon McGukin

Louise Roots

Wout Knuts


Natalia Kulikova

Pirjo Koppi

Aniko Kovacs

Annick Mertens

Phil Rulloda


Daniel Santamaria


Jenny Thomasson AIFD PFCI EMC CFD

Dmitry Turcan


Mary Jane Vaughn


Francoise Weeks


Carrie Wilcox


J. Keith White

Ian Prosser



The European Master Certificate (EMC) Program is an internationally-acclaimed educational curriculum founded by Tomas De Bruyne and Hitomi Gilliam AIFD. EMC’s program is comprised of the EMC Core Program and the EMC Technique Workshop, as well as EMC+ Educational Experiences. As an education pathway, EMC’s vision is to provide a solid foundation for floral designers to thrive creatively while simultaneously building a strong floral support system for its students and graduates. The EMC community strives to be strong contributors and influencers in the global floral industry.

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