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Alexandra Farms is a boutique grower specializing in nostalgic, romantic,

fresh-cut flowers.


Our farm is located in the fertile savanna of Bogotá, high in the Andes Mountains of Colombia, where the warm days and cool nights are perfect for growing flowers.


Our garden roses and dahlias are grafted, harvested, graded, bunched and packed by hand.


Alexandra Farms was started by Jose R. Azout in 2005 and is named after his daughter.

We grow an assortment of roses of many different colors, shapes and sizes that were bred in France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Denmark. These 34 varieties make up the Deluxe Garden Rose Collection.


As the largest of four licensed David Austin® growers in the world and the only one in Colombia, we are thrilled to offer 17 of the most romantic English garden roses in our David Austin Wedding Rose Collection.

Eight varieties of garden roses that were bred for the Emperor of Japan make up our Princess Garden Rose Collection.

The Wabara Garden Rose Collection is a line of six special Japanese garden roses developed by breeder Keiji Kunieda.

We grow nine varieties of dahlias with desirable shapes and colors, and long vase life. Our varieties were developed by two breeders for the cut flower market. More varieties are in testing for future release.

We also grow tweedia and are testing several other types of filler flowers for future release.

We currently sell to select importers and wholesalers in the USA, Canada, England, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and more.

To order our flowers, please contact a sales manager listed below, send us an email, or contact us here.

If you're a florist or designer who is interested in sourcing our flowers, please reach out to your wholesaler.

Our Team


Joey Azout

Jose "Joey" Azout


Jose "Joey" has been in the flower business for more than 25 years. Starting out as sales manager of a small minicarn farm in Bogotá called Agricola Los Arboles, Joey went on to start Maxima Farms in Miami. After six successful years, Maxima Miami was sold to USA Floral, while Maxima Bogota was sold to Westphere Investments, a Private Equity Fund out of New York. Joey then worked for Gerald Stevens, Dole Fresh Flowers and the Delaware Valley Floral Group. At the latter Joey was president of Transflora, a traditional importer of fresh cut flowers and Flower Transfer, a customs brokerage and handling business. Now as president of Alexandra Farms, Joey is constantly looking for new varieties to grow and new customers to sell to.


Joey is married to Clarita and has twins sons, Lucas and Noah, and a daughter called Alexandra. Joey speaks fluent Spanish and English and an embarrassing French and Italian.        Tel: +1 (305) 528-3657

Skype: joserazout

Monica Noguera

Roberto Uribe

General Manager

Roberto Uribe is the general manager of Alexandra Farms in Bogotá. He has been in the flower industry for more than 29 years: first at Maxima farms, and later at Elite Flower.

Maria Ines Venegas

María Inés Venegas

Sales Manager

María Inés has been in the industry for more than 15 years and brings experience from working in other farms in Bogotá including Flores Aurora, Santa Helena Flowers, Grower2Buyer. She has relationships with customers all over the world including Switzerland, Belgium, France, Sweden, England, Holland, Japan, USA and Canada.


Maria Inés speaks fluent Spanish, English and French as well as a bit of Italian. Her pride and joy is her daughter Alejandra who is in training for rose breeder.

Tel: +1 (305) 767-2113

Skype: sales.alexandrafarms

Catalina Jimenez

María Paula Córdoba

Sales Manager

María Paula has been selling flowers for more than 10 years. She previously worked at Flores de Funza, one of the larger farms growing a wide variety of products and selling them all over the world.


María lives in Bogotá with her husband and two children: a son, Jerónimo, and a daughter, Silvana.  

Tel: +1 (305) 809-7088

Skype: paucordobao

Claudia Canaveral

Antonina Gavrishina

Sales Manager

Antonina has worked with customers in the Russia, USA, and Europe during her extensive floral industry career. Before joining us, Antonina worked as Mosflor in Ecuador. We are glad to have her focusing on eastern European countries as she speaks fluent Russian.

Antonina has a son named Nicolay and a daughter called Alexandra.  

Tel: + 57 (312) 501-0432

Skype: antoninaga.sales

sandy saenz alexandra farms.jpg

Sandy Saenz

Sales Manager

Sandy has been selling flowers in Miami and Bogotá for more than 10 years. She previously worked for HOSA, Queens, Multiflora, Floralink, Inverpalmas and Panatlantic (a freight forwarder). She is also a graphic designer.


Sandy has two daughters named Paulina and Sofía. 

Tel: +1 (305) 515-8170

Skype: sandy.saenz

Ana alexandra farms.jpg

Ana María Bustamante

Sales Manager

Ana María has been in the floral industry for many years, having sales experience in flowers with Funza Farms. She lives in Los Angeles, CA, with her husband and two children.
Tel: +1 (424) 299-7701
Skype: live:.cid.a239a466d3774c44


Teresa Schafer

Marketing & Communications Manager

Teresa manages communications and marketing efforts for Alexandra Farms, which include industry partnerships, media relations, events, publications, content creation, social media and more. She has been with the farm since 2018.

Natalia Alexandra Farms.jpg

Natalia Uribe

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Natalia studied Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia at La Universidad de La Sabana. She’s fluent in both Spanish and English. At Alexandra Farms, she assists with social media, content creation, media relations, event planning and more.

Galina Serebriakova

Floral Designer

Galina is a floral designer and member of the communications and marketing team at Alexandra Farms. She studied floral design at Moscow Flower School, Lacy Bird Academy and Floral Art School, all located in Russia, where she is originally from. Galina is fluent in Russian, Spanish and English and has a basic level of French. She is also a specialty coffee expert.

Alcira Rojas

Elizabeth Pérez

Export Manager

Elizabeth has been with us since Maxima Farms and is the glue that brings it all together. She remembers each and every customers' favorite assortment and then makes sure we deliver!


Elizabeth's pride and joy is her daughter Laura, who is interning as an emergency room physician at a local hospital to meet the requirements of her medical degree.

Victoria Suarez

Monica Noguera

Administrative Manager

Monica has been in the industry for more than 25 years and brings experience from working in other farms in Bogotá, including Maxima Farms.


Monica is married to Roberto and is the mom of Nicolás and Natalia.

Galina Alexandra Farms.jpg
oscar cunver.jpg

Oscar Munevar

Technical Director

Oscar has over 15 years of experience in flower growing and is an expert in Sustainable Pest management and Fertilization programs. He has worked in several flower companies as well as in the fruit and Banana industries. We are lucky to have him!

carlos sarmiento.png

Carlos Sarmiento

Human Resources Director

Carlos is passionate about the well-being of our hundreds of employees. He has been with Alexandra Farms for more than five years, and he was part of the team at Maxima Farms many years ago.

Yolanda Rojas

Pilar Buitrago

Florverde and

New Product Manager

Pilar is a biologist and graduated from the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada. Before working at Alexandra Farms, she did research in the Colombian Amazon. She has a son named Nicolas, who studies Law at university; it is her greatest pride. At Alexandra Farms Pilar is in charge of introducing new varieties to our collections; she leads the development and evaluation of new products, especially in the post-harvest area; she serves on the company's environmental committee; and more.

Yolanda Rojas_edited.jpg

Yolanda Rojas

Accounts Receivables

Yolanda has been in the industry for many years managing A/R insurance as well as credit limits, overifes, etc. 

Tel: + 57 (300) 307-5050

Skype: alexandrafarmsreceivables

Elizabeth Perez

Mauricio Galindo

Farm Manager

Mauricio has been growing roses for the past 28 years and has developed an incredible insight into these marvelous plants. Mauricio comes to us from Flora Intercontinental and Aguas Blancas, two traditional rose houses here in Bogotá.

Juan Molina

Marcos Tellez

Production Manager

Marcos has more than 12 years of experience growing roses and managing farms.

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