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Alexandra Farms and Holly Chapple Flowers are proud to announce the first certification program between a grower and a floral designer: the Alexandra Farms Certified Designer program!


Join Jose R. Azout, president of Alexandra Farms, and floral designer/educator Holly Heider Chapple for a 12-part online course that will teach you everything you need to know about garden roses. You will learn all about these incredible flowers, from the history to varieties to the correct anatomical vocabulary. You’ll gain confidence in caring for and arranging with garden roses, and the knowledge of how to better choose garden roses—particularly, to make a positive impact on the world through sustainable floristry.


Florists will benefit from elevating their knowledge and joining a supportive community that can help them grow. After completing the course, floral professionals will gain access to design recipes, special sales, early notification of new varieties, and the right to advertise themselves as an Alexandra Farms Certified Designer — AFCD.


We are building a community where designers can support each other in their work with garden roses and stay up to date on the latest news from the world’s largest grower of garden roses, Alexandra Farms. We hope you will join us!

Ready to learn more or enroll? Visit the Alexandra Farms Certified Designer website!

Jose R Azout.png

Jose R. Azout

Jose R. Azout (Joey) is the president of Alexandra Farms, the world’s largest fresh-cut garden rose grower. During his more than 30 years in the floral industry, he and his team have had a significant influence and impact on the world of cut flowers.

In 2005 a two-hectare farm was established outside of Bogotá, and Alexandra Farms was born. Over the next two years, Joey worked with breeders around the world to identify and acquire garden rose varieties to trial. More than 500 varieties were extensively tested for performance and shipping ability, and in 2008 the farm began to produce 12 varieties. Since then Alexandra Farms has continued to grow each year. The company currently grows nearly 70 varieties with special shapes, colors and fragrances.  With a focus on producing flowers with the best appearance and performance possible, Alexandra Farms has become a favorite grower of designers. The team strives to stay on top of industry trends and listen to what designers want. It’s this collaboration between grower and florist that makes Alexandra Farms successful.

Holly Heider Chapple.png

Holly Heider Chapple

Once upon a time a young mother named Holly Heider Chapple founded a small wedding and event design business. The business was created as a way for Holly to be home with her children; she was a true example of a mompreneur. 28 years later, the business is thriving and has multiple divisions. Our lead designer, Holly Heider Chapple, has an endless passion and enthusiasm for all things flowers. She has become a visionary in the industry, a trendsetter, a mentor, an influencer, a developer, and an advocate for those with careers in floristry and farming. Dubbed the “Flower Mama” by her industry peers, she not only executes the most beautiful weddings and events, but also operates Hope Flower Farm, while leading a collective of designers from all over the world via Chapel Designers. All of this is possible because of her endless drive and her committed team, including the “Flower Father”, Evan.

“Our studio offers exquisite florals and event design management. We gather extraordinary components—the best blooms and the best designers—and lovingly style to create the vision, aura, and essence of your dream day.”

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