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Dahlias are grown year-round at Alexandra Farms! We offer a selection of varieties developed by two breeders for the cut flower market. As we did with garden roses, we chose dahlia varieties with a longer vase life and consistent reliability.

We have 10 varieties in production and more in testing for future release.

Cafe Au Lait

Cafe Au Lait 1.JPG
Cafe Au Lait 2.JPG
Point of Cut - Cafe Au Lait.jpg


Chocolate 1.JPG
Chocolate 2.JPG
Chocolate Point of Cut


Garnet 1.JPG
Garnet 2.JPG
Point of Cut - Garnet.jpg


Maroon 1.JPG
Maroon 2.JPG
Point of Cut - Maroon.jpg

Moon Lady

Moon Lady 1.JPG
Moon Lady 2.JPG
Point of Cut - Moon Lady.jpg

Orange Stone

Orange Stone 1.JPG
Point of Cut - Orange Stone.jpg
Orange Stone 2.JPG

Pink Quartz

Pink Quartz 1.JPG
Point of Cut - Pink Quartz.jpg
Pink Quartz 2.JPG


Prospero 1.JPG
Prospero 2.JPG
Point of Cut - Prospero.jpg

Red Stone

Red Stone 1.JPG
Point of Cut - Red Stone.jpg
Red Stone 2.JPG

White Quartz

White Quartz 1.JPG
White Quartz 2.JPG
Point of Cut - White Quartz.jpg
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