Dahlias are grown year-round at Alexandra Farms! We offer a selection of varieties developed by two breeders for the cut flower market. As we did with garden roses, we chose dahlia varieties with a longer vase life and consistent reliability.

We have 12 varieties in production and more in testing for future release.


Amora 1.JPG
Amora 2.JPG
Point of Cut - Amora.jpg

Cafe Au Lait

Cafe Au Lait 1.JPG
Cafe Au Lait 2.JPG
Point of Cut - Cafe Au Lait.jpg


Chocolate 1.JPG
Chocolate 2.JPG
Chocolate Point of Cut


Garnet 1.JPG
Garnet 2.JPG
Point of Cut - Garnet.jpg


Genie 1.JPG
Genie 2.JPG
Point of Cut - Genie.jpg


Maroon 1.JPG
Maroon 2.JPG
Point of Cut - Maroon.jpg

Moon Lady

Moon Lady 1.JPG
Moon Lady 2.JPG
Point of Cut - Moon Lady.jpg

Orange Stone

Orange Stone 1.JPG
Point of Cut - Orange Stone.jpg
Orange Stone 2.JPG

Pink Quartz

Pink Quartz 1.JPG
Point of Cut - Pink Quartz.jpg
Pink Quartz 2.JPG


Prospero 1.JPG
Prospero 2.JPG
Point of Cut - Prospero.jpg

Red Stone

Red Stone 1.JPG
Point of Cut - Red Stone.jpg
Red Stone 2.JPG

White Quartz

White Quartz 1.JPG
White Quartz 2.JPG
Point of Cut - White Quartz.jpg