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Designer Spotlight: The Eclectic Foral Stylings of Taylor Doyle

Taylor Doyle of The Floral Eclectic

Taylor Doyle is a Dallas-based floral designer and owner of The Floral Eclectic. She specializes in creating special and unique work for her clients by working with them one-on-one to bring their vision to life. Her focus is on event design and floral and other design installations, and she also offers custom fabrication services.

What's your process for creating a typical design?

Creating a typical wedding design usually involves taking the client's ideal color palette and applying my favorite floral selection to it. I usually start with a mix of roses, spray roses, carnations and a lint flower like delphinium, stock or snapdragons and then add premium blooms that sway the design in whatever direction the client’s aesthetic is going.

With wedding season around the corner, what new trends are you noticing? What trends are you happy to leave behind?

I'm definitely noticing a trend toward more colorful wedding floral selections and really embracing the garden-type look that floral so easily offers. As far as leaving behind, I think we are finally out of the pampas grass era, and I could not be happier!

Design featuring Darcey (Auschariot) and Alabaster (Photo: Opal & Onyx Photography)

Why do you use Alexandra Farms varieties for your designs? How do they complement your eclectic aesthetic?

Alexandra Farms varieties really bring that extra layer of luxe to my designs. I love having a mix of different types of textures, so layering garden roses on top of standard roses is my go-to technique to include lots of levels, interest and texture, which ultimately creates my signature eclectic look.

(Photo: Julia Hitz Photography)

Do you have a special recipe for combining Alexandra Farms garden roses with other botanicals, or do you follow intuition from one design to the next?

I definitely follow my intuition from client to client, but you'll find that Alexandra Farms varieties are at the top of my recipe list, so I can build the rest of the design around them. They really deserve to be the stars of the show every time!

Designer Challenge

What's your favorite Alexandra Farms variety for the summer of 2024, and how would you recommend designing around that stem as the main event in your design?

I'm newly obsessed with Princess Aiko! She is literally the lightbulb of roses, and I want to use her in every design I can! It's not hard to integrate her into summer-forward designs because she mixes perfectly with warm, saturated color palettes and brings the brightness of the sun to every arrangement!

A design created by Taylor in February 2024 at Alexandra Farms


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