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Meet Keira (Ausboxer), the perfect English garden rose

Perfect for every occasion, from luxury grand weddings to intimate afternoon events

Keira’s color palette and playful, vintage-style, eccentrically English blooms have made her a favorite choice for brides all over the world to form the focus of their wedding flowers.

She has a natural romance with her ruffled petals and a fragrance of myrrh dashed with almond, marzipan and vanilla.

Each of her natural blooms is subtly different, changing in tone from blush pink to swirls of raspberry and clotted cream colors reminiscent of raspberry ripple ice cream.

Her glorious unpredictability is part of her appeal, and it creates a whimsical, carefree air of natural beauty.


We have great stock availability of Keira this spring and summer. Contact your wholesaler today to reserve this special garden rose for your upcoming events!

Photos from David Austin Wedding & Event Roses and Janne Ford Photography


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