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Meet Hettie, a Vibrant New Variety from David Austin Wedding Roses

Alexandra Farms, the world’s largest grower of fresh-cut garden roses, proudly announces the latest addition to our collections: Hettie (AUSCP17117), a vibrantly colored variety bred by the renowned David Austin Roses in England.

Hettie is a sassy, striking pink rose with layers of wavy petals that open into a wide, shallow, rosette-shaped cup. The seventeenth variety in our David Austin Wedding Roses Collection, she is a super strong character that opens quickly over just two days and has a long vase life. While her scent is elusive, her charm and beauty are confident and captivating.

Hettie is a great option for a splash of color in any arrangement. This stunner is sure to captivate designers and their clients!

We continually search for and test garden roses to find those that are worthy of a welcome into our family of unique varieties. In addition to special colors, shapes and fragrances, our garden roses must have at least a 10-day vase life after being nurtured, harvested, carefully packaged and shipped under the expert care of our team in Bogotá, Colombia.


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