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Alexandra Farms Featured on 'Flower Hour with Florists’ Review' Podcast

Alexandra Farms President Jose R. Azout was a guest on "Flower Hour with Florists' Review," a new podcast launched this month.

Read the description from Florists' Review below, and listen to the podcast here.

"Join us for an interesting conversation with two of the most talented and generous professionals in the floral industry.

Alexandra Farms was started by Jose R. Azout in 2005 and is named after his daughter. A boutique grower specializing in nostalgic, romantic, fresh-cut garden roses and dahlias located in the fertile savanna of Bogotá, high in the Andes Mountains of Colombia. Alexandra Farms offers some of the finest garden roses available anywhere in the world. Discount Code for AFCD class. Here's the code to enter at checkout: AFARMS20

Paulina Nieliwocki started her journey in flowers while she was a high-school teacher. She fell in love with flowers as a medium and left her career as an educator to open Blue Jasmine Floral in 2014. As a floral designer, she uses dainty accents, color, and texture to create her signature style. Paulina’s effervescent personality perfectly matches the whimsically exquisite floral designs she creates.


Jules Lewis Gibson, President & Creative Director, Florists’ Review Media Group

Nita Robertson, AIFD, Sales Manager and Floral Director, Florists’ Review


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