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Leonora: A New Wedding Favorite

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Leonora (Auswagsy), a name meaning ‘light’ and ‘compassion.' She is one of David Austin's new varieties and is already a wedding favorite for brides. Leonora is the epitome of classic elegance and understated style, befitting of a small intimate occasion or to elevate a regal celebration.

Her formation is truly outstanding and can we boldly say, pretty perfect! This is a rose that any bride would be proud to hold on her most special day. We are privileged to be able to inspire brides all over the world to create a dream rose wedding and we are delighted to focus our spotlight on Leonora for a classic white wedding.

Getting Creative

From structured wreaths to floral flamboyance, you can have so much fun with Leonora. She will work with you in whichever way you wish. So the David Austin team along with Alexandra Farms, who provided the roses, asked some floral friends to get to know Leonora – up close and personal!

Steph from @fairynuffflowers got creative designing a beautiful wedding wreath, bouquet and centerpiece to complement. Simple, stylish but so well curated.

“I absolutely love to use Leonora roses in wedding bouquets. The combination of incredible scent and the most beautiful, ruffly blooms makes them absolutely perfect for my brides (and for me as I always order extra). The beautiful shape makes Leonora incredibly versatile too, ideal for both formal, structured bouquets, and for more relaxed hand-tied arrangements.” - Steph from @fairynuffflowers


Leonora then went to visit Alicia of @flirtyfleurs in Washington State. The classic green and white story continued but with a diferent take– the feathery, lime green fern leaves added a formal, sophisticated vibe. Add an inky, midnight blue backdrop and wow, Leonora suddenly has attitude!

“Leonora (Auswagsy) is a phenomenal rose as it opens into a perfectly shaped round bloom filled with blousy petals. I’m always in search of a great white garden rose to design with in wedding work and Leonora is an excellent rose to fill this need – a splendid hue of pristine white, large bloom size, a beautiful cupped shape and long-lasting.” - Alicia from @flirtyfleurs


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