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Garden Roses for My Valentine

The rose, a symbol of romance that has inspired poets, writers and painters with its beauty throughout millennia.

A Shakespearian Tale

Arguably the most famous of all roses, Juliet (Ausjameson) created by David Austin, has captured the hearts of many in her name alone and yet she defies the traditional color normally associated with love and flowers given on Valentine’s Day.

At the start of a new decade, we're advocating all colors for Valentine’s Day, and they don’t have to be red!

Juliet is leading the charge with her exquisite peach, cupped blooms that simply glisten in candlelight and will melt the heart of any lucky recipient.

Pretty in Pink

Celebrating the prettiest of pinks, Constance (Austruss) personifies why David Austin’s roses are considered some of the most romantic flowers. Her lovely fruity fragrance completes the enchanting, fairy-tale package and we cannot get enough of her painterly petals, as pink tones gently diffuse into cream.

For a show-stopping and extravagant statement, the shapely blooms of Miranda (Ausimmon) will deliver, as her petals unfurl opening into large rosettes of sumptuous pink petals.

In bold contrast, Capability takes us to a dramatic conclusion with her hot pink tones and her seductive rose perfume she will undoubtedly make a dramatic first impression.

Roses Forever

The synergy between love and roses is not a new one and like love, roses will endure the test of time in whatever color and shade they may happen to take.

With love from all of us at Alexandra Farms and David Austin Wedding and Event Roses this Valentine’s Day and for the year ahead. x


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