Four Garden Rose Varieties Awarded Ribbons at Annual Outstanding Varieties Competition

Alexandra Farms was recently awarded four ribbons for our garden rose varieties in the Society of American Florists' 2019 Outstanding Varieties Competition.

Each year, hundreds of entries are evaluated by a team of three judges on the following criteria: color and commercial appeal; stem and foliage; bloom form; bloom size; and overall quality and presentation. Recognition in the competition carries weight with buyers, as well as a great sense of reward for everyone at our farm in Colombia. We’re honored to be recognized in this year’s competition!

Mayra's Rose and Princess Hitomi (Beautiful History) were awarded Blue Ribbons.

Mayra's Rose

Mayra's Rose was introduced to our Deluxe Garden Rose Collection in 2015. Medium pink at the center yields to a lighter pink at the outside of Mayra’s Rose. She opens fully to a medium size, assuming a classic rosette shape. This Spanish rose has a vase life of 10 days and a light rose fragrance.

Princess Hitomi (Beautiful History)

Princess Hitomi (Beautiful History) was introduced to our Princess Japanese Garden Rose Collection in 2019. She is exclusively grown by Alexandra Farms. A medium to large rose with a seductive but not overpowering fragrance of lavender, Princess Hitomi is remarkable for her pure color, a cotton-candy pink. Because the tone of her hue is so even, it brings to the fore delicious contrasts in the form of her petals: her inner petals are rolled into four hearts, while her outer petals curl under into a layered array of starry points. This Japanese rose has vase life of 10 days and a medium strong lavender fragrance.

Amnesia and Princess Maya (Night Rain) were awarded Red Ribbons.


Amnesia was introduced to our Deluxe Garden Rose Collection in 2019. Her delicate, muted hue seems to shift from lavender to gray-lilac, suffused with hints of creamy café au lait and set off with pale green in the outermost petals. Her spiraled petals open partway to a shapely flower head, medium in size. Subtle and sophisticated, this unique beauty was bred in France and has no fragrance.

Princess Maya (Night Rain)

Princess Maya (Night Rain) was introduced to our Princess Japanese Garden Rose Collection in 2018. With petals of a pure light peach, Princess Maya opens into a medium-size rose with outer petals that curl under, forming starry points, and inner petals that make elaborate folds in the classic garden-rose quartered pattern. This Japanese variety has a vase life of 12 days and a strong lavender fragrance.

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