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Floral Trends Forecast for 2020/2021 Features Garden Roses

The American Floral Trends Forecast returns with their ideas for 2020/21. We are proud to see our garden roses mentioned in the "Promenade" trend, and we're excited to see how the light pastels and golden honey hues found in this trend will show up in design work!

Senlitsu and Miyabi from our Wabara Collection, and Patience (Auspastor) and Juliet (Ausjameson) from our David Austin Wedding Roses collection are featured in the trend's designs, which are dominated by peach, blush, taupe and sand colors.

From the trend report: "'Promenade' blends the relaxed, unstructured and feminine details of the Edwardian Era with lush and textural flowers to create exuberant and luxurious floral compositions, from garden style to majestic."

See the full "Promenade" trend report here.


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