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Alexandra Farms Introduces New Garden Rose Varieties to Our Diverse Collections

Alexandra Farms, the world’s largest grower of fresh-cut garden roses, proudly announces the latest additions to our collections. We continually search for garden roses worthy of a welcome into our family of unique varieties. In addition to special colors, shapes and fragrances, roses must have at least a 10-day vase life after being nurtured, harvested, carefully packaged and shipped under the expert care of our rose-loving team in Bogotá, Colombia.

Just Peachy Spr Westminster Abbey Blanche Spr

Deluxe Garden Roses

The soft, warm peach of Just Peachy Spr’s center petals peep out from within overlapping rings of wavy-edged outer petals, which are shell pink on the outside and blush pink on the inside. With this delicious palette, Just Peachy—a long-lasting, medium-size spray rose—makes a beautiful choice for color blending with other flowers in peach and pink. This variety is exclusively grown by and available from Alexandra Farms.

With wavy petals of an extraordinary platinum color edged in pink lace, Westminster Abbey is a rose worthy of her regal and elegant name. She begins as a pinkish beige and turns to light gray. With as many as 150 petals, her blooms can last 12 days in the vase.

Our first pure white spray rose, the aptly named Blanche Spr spreads her petals wide over about five days, forming a shallow cup with an expansive display. This beauty has a hint of cream in the center and the palest green tint in her outermost petals. This variety is exclusively grown by and available from Alexandra Farms.

Princess Fairy Kiss Spr Princess Pinku Spr Miyabi Brown

Princess Japanese Garden Roses

Princess Fairy Kiss Spr’s many wavy petals unfurl slowly to form long-lasting flowers, larger than most other spray roses, in a delicate shade of blush pink, soft yet luminous. With her rounded shape and frilly top, she is the perfect fairytale addition to any bouquet composed of pinks or in a range of blush tints.

Bursting with color, Princess Pinku Spr brings garden character to bouquets and arrangements. Her hardy flowers are diminutive color bombs—useful for boutonnieres and other body flowers, as well as for bringing touches of vibrant color to bouquets. Hot pink at the center of each flower gives way to outer petals that mingle light pink with pale green.

Wabara Garden Roses

We’re thrilled to add another variety from Rose Farm Keiji to our Wabara Garden Rose Collection. Miyabi Brown is a new sister rose to the popular peach-and-pink Miyabi garden rose. Miyabi Brown has pale-pink outer petals, edged in a more vivid pink, and her center petals disclose a creamy, buttery tan. Packed inside with innumerable pleated petals, Miyabi Brown opens all the way to form a spreading rosette more than five inches wide. This variety is exclusively grown by and available from Alexandra Farms.


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