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Talking Garden Roses with Botanical Brouhaha

Alexandra Farms' president Joey Azout recently spoke with Amy and Maggie of the Botanical Brouhaha podcast, and we're happy to share a link to the episode here!

You can also join us on Thursday, March 25 at 2 p.m. CST on Clubhouse for a related Q&A session!

Topics covered during the episode:

  • how Joey managed to start a successful garden rose farm

  • why he chose to grow garden roses in spite of the challenges

  • the two biggest challenges he experiences with garden roses

  • tips for conditioning garden roses (very helpful!)

  • the importance of using a floral hydration solution

  • new spray rose varieties coming to Alexandra Farms

  • how he gained permission to grow the roses he offers at Alexandra Farms

  • the story behind the evolution of the Alexandra Farms logo

  • ways designers can work with Alexandra Farms


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