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Designing with New Spray Garden Rose Varieties from Alexandra Farms

We recently invited Canaan Marshall to design with several of our newer varieties: Princess Hitomi, Princess Fairy Kiss Spr, Blanche Spr and Wedding Rosever Spr.

"The color of the roses were absolutely cosmic! The way each color variety really complimented the other colors was perfect." - Canaan Marshall

"I was pleasantly surprised by how big the actual rose petals and buds were. The roses had really strong and hearty stems which made the flowers just that much better. They were fabulous!" - Canaan Marshall

Princess Hitomi and Princess Fairy Kiss Spr are part of our Princess Garden Rose Collection; Blanche Spr and Wedding Rosever Spr are from our Deluxe Garden Rose Collection.


Floral Design: Canaan Marshall

Photography: Matt Odom Photography


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