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Beyond The Bouquet

As a bride, the bouquet of flowers you’ll carry down the aisle is often first on the list of floral must-haves for your wedding. Once you have decided on your roses, chosen your bouquet shape, and considered how to match your bridal bouquet to your dress, it’s time to think about how to transform your wedding venue with flowers.

Taking into account the season and your wedding color palette, there are countless possibilities to bring the space to life with David Austin Wedding Roses and personalize it to your unique style and taste. Let’s look at some different options to decorate your wedding with flowers.

Statement floral wedding décor

Flowers are a wonderful way to mark the entrance to the wedding venue and set the tone of your event. Our luxurious roses are the obvious choice to infuse the day with style and sophistication, and there is no limit to the different ways you can style them.

Large stone urns overflowing with fluffy roses and verdant green foliage is ideal for a classic wedding with a country garden vibe, while beautifully manicured rose trees create a more refined and glamorous feel. It is a good idea to visit the venue with your florist to discuss ways to highlight architectural features with flowers and plan displays in areas where you want to make an impact.

Wedding ceremony floral arches

Floral arches remain a coveted option for wedding ceremonies for a reason. They make a simply gorgeous backdrop to your ceremony and create a picture-perfect frame for those couple portrait shots that you’ll treasure forever. Talk to your florist about the different styles and which one best suits the space and your wedding aesthetic.

The main options include the classic curved arch or square frame, and more contemporary options such as a deconstructed asymmetrical open arch or round moongate. Also consider if there is a structure in place to decorate, such as an arbour or chuppah, or if your florist will need to construct a freestanding frame.

Left: Photography: @belindajeanphotography

Center: Photography, production, design + florals: @jannabrowndesignco

Right: Photography@ jessicamangia_photography

Wedding aisle displays

Lining the ceremony aisle with flowers enhances the beauty and ambience for this important moment in your life, creating impact and reflecting the overall style of your wedding. Whether that’s full and sumptuous displays dense with flowers or more organic, free-flowing and meadow-like arrangements (or somewhere in between), there’s nothing quite like walking down the aisle surrounded by the beauty and heady scent of roses.

Left: Photography, production, design + florals: @jannabrowndesignco

Center: Photography: @lauragordon

Right: Photography@ jessicamangia_photography

Reception Table Centrepieces

The wedding reception tables are where you and your guests are likely to spend the most amount of stationary time throughout the day, so it makes sense to invest thought into making them beautiful. Aside from the choice of flowers and style of design, a key factor to consider is the size of the table centrepieces. Avoid going too high (therefore obstructing guests’ conversation across the table), or too big (feeling overcrowded with candles, glassware and dishes served family-style).

Photography: @lauragordon

Photography, production, design + florals: @jannabrowndesignco

Floral chandeliers

To create an impact without taking over the table, floral chandeliers are a wonderful option. Suspended from the ceiling, these statement designs draw the eye upwards and add to the sense of occasion. They feel extra special and luxurious, and depending on budget, could be displayed above half the tables, or perhaps just the top table. Floral chandeliers also work well hung above the dance floor, making that first dance moment even more gorgeous.

Left: Photography@ jessicamangia_photography

Center: Photography: @lauragordon

Right: Photographer: @jennyfustudio


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