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A Floral Representation of the Holiday Season

The winter holiday season is commonly regarded as a time of togetherness, calling for the excitement of reunion, family, and celebration in a cozy place. As we embrace those whom we love most, we also welcome a time for new beginnings and renewal blissfully intertwined with tradition and community. What makes a holiday season so special ties up splendidly with the time’s offering of contrasting colors like pure whites and deep reds, inviting scents and candle lights, long nights and a cheerful song, and finally, to top it all off, a bright and textured arrangement of long-lasting garden roses.

This winter we offer you a broad brush stroke of designs highlighting our garden rose varieties' richness in color and shapes to capture the season's essence.

Our first centerpiece is bright and textured, embodying a traditional Christmas vibe, and it’s composed of many of the red flowers in our catalog. With a seemingly velvet finish, Wanted plays alongside the pretty roundness of Piano, the spirals of a golden-brown Symbol, and a blend of spray roses Princess Midori Spr and Princess Pinku Spr. Towards the back of the piece, jolly red flourishes even further with the ruffly petals of the Hybrid Red Garnet dahlia, complete with in-season fillers such as pine, eucalyptus, and dried cape gooseberry. The overall feel of the arrangement is of a vivid and warm gathering, inspiring closeness, which is perfect for a reunion with family and friends.

For a more modern and all-inclusive holiday twist, the second arrangement suggests a vision of an outside winter notion. The sparkling whites and enticing scent of Purity (Ausoblige) and White Cloud pair with the softness of Café Latte, and pops of color with Princess Midori Spr and Karma Fox Maroon dahlia. This arrangement is cool-toned and layered, playing around with different bloom shapes and depths. Put together with protea, eucalyptus parvifolia and alleli, it emulates the coolness of winter and the deep tones of the resilient flora that grow in spite of the often harsh weather.

These visual and aromatic portrayals of winter describe its duality perfectly. Festive and gleeful as holidays take place indoors while nature outside remains a little quiet, in anticipation of a new spring awakening.


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