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Princess Hoshi™ Spr (Star)

Buttery yellow melts into the heart of Princess Hoshi Spr’s enveloping white spiral petals. This long-lasting rose will provide a touch of warmth to any design or stand confidently alone to make a statement. Her tasteful petite blooms conjure an appetite for the savory addition of botanical greens or whimsical whites and creams to create the perfect arrangement. Each stem of this Japanese spray variety has five blooms. Princess Hoshi Spr is only available through Alexandra Farms.

Color: Yellow

Secondary Color: 

Bloom Form: Spiral spray

Head Size: Small

Petal Count: 80

Fragrance: No

Vase Life: 12 Days

Origin: Japan

Length: 40-50 cm

Side Shoots: No

Bloom Opening Habit: 80%

Year Launched: 2023


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