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Princess Fairy Kiss Pink Spr


SAF Blue Ribbon

Princess Fairy Kiss Pink Spr’s many wavy petals unfurl slowly to form long-lasting flowers, larger than most other spray roses, in a delicate shade of blush pink, soft yet luminous. With her rounded shape and frilly top, she is the perfect fairytale addition to any bouquet composed of pinks or in a range of blush tints.

Color: Blush and Light Pink

Secondary Color:

Bloom Form: Wavy

Head Size: Large

Petal Count: 80

Fragrance Intensity: Not applicable

Fragrance: Not applicable

Vase Life: 12 Days

Origin: Japan

Length: 40 cm

Side Shoots: Yes

Bloom Opening Habit: 80%

Year Launched: 2022

Awards: SAF Blue Ribbon

Princess Fairy Kiss Spr garden roses point of cut.jpg
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