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The dreamy, rose-filled world of Alexandra Farms

Welcome to the dreamy, rose-filled world of Alexandra Farms.

Our mission has always been to delight our customers with romantic, nostalgic, long-lasting and beautiful flowers. Since our founding in 2005 to today, we can joyfully say we've grown our offerings from fabulous garden rose varieties to other flowers, we've focused on environmentally-conscious growth, and a flower-loving community has bloomed - both within our company and with designers around the world.

With great pride in our work, we continue to strive for excellence in our service and the quality of our products. We extend enormous gratitude to our customers and to anyone who has ever come close to such breathtaking flowers and formed a special bond with them.

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Sandy Ahlberg
Sandy Ahlberg
01 de nov. de 2023

Wow, this is an amazing video. I love seeing Alexandra Farms and the workers taking care of the roses. The story is very interesting. Now I know that there is a Cabbage Rose. I always think of these roses as similar to peonies. They are the best roses ever. I like the addition of Gene Kelly and other people with the roses but the stars of the video are the roses. Sandy Ahlberg

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