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Mystical and Rich Floral Artwork by Tomas De Bruyne

Renowned Belgian floral designer Tomas De Bruyne and his team recently used our garden roses as part of the incredible decor for a wedding in The Scuola Vecchia della Misericordia in Venice, Italy.

The theme of the wedding depicts a modern take on an antique, baroque setting, full of various elegant flowers which enhance the romanticism and richness of the occasion. For this project, Tomas selected a wide range of pink and white garden rose varieties to create grand installations across the venue: from a floral wall that cascades through the main staircase, to bubbly and big centerpieces, long table trains, a floral wall behind the wedding service, topped with gold ornaments, and even aerial designs. Pulling off this project was no regular or simple task!

We hold dear the appreciation each designer has for our garden roses and the many ways they use them. In this instance, Tomas and his team fully expressed a sense of divinity and delicacy in every arrangement. The vibrancy of the colors and abundance of textures blend perfectly with the warmth and grandiosity of the space.


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