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Inspiring and Innovative: A Jacket Made of Garden Roses

In mid-February, alongside fashion designer Ra’iesa Kasimbeg and photographer Nora Maria, designer Yusif Khalilov constructed and modeled a 700-bloom head jacket composed of the most vibrant and peach-toned Juliet (Ausjameson) roses!

Khalilov is from Baku, Azerbaijan, has lived in Moscow and currently resides in Amsterdam. Undoubtedly this background is sure to have been linked to the floral world, and it must have served as a major inspiration.

This full-body-length jacket took several months of sourcing, selection and testing to become a reality, and the results could not have been more delightful and elegant. Admittedly heavy (around 60 pounds), the jacket is said to symbolize a profound respect for animals and their fur in searching for sustainable and harmless notions of luxury in fashion. Yusif wanted to evoke as much emotion with the color and texture of the wonderful flower in question (also "Peach Fuzz" being the Pantone color of the year for 2024, it's very fitting) while "embracing anything cultivated from the earth" including the 100 percent cotton fabric garment the roses were sawn onto. The whole process took a total of 13 hours for the team, while the garment was hand sawn as were the roses attached to it.

Photographer Nora Maria also did a phenomenal job of capturing the most exquisite, fun and full shots of the jacket, showcasing Juliet in her full beauty and color!

The stems were sourced from Parfum Flower Company in Holland, and we are very grateful to have been able to fulfill this art and fashion dream with the most luxurious and otherworldly garden roses! We are always incredibly proud of the forms that our roses become a vast visual storytelling project for artists and designers, and we hope to be able to collaborate with many more bright and insane ideas like this for a long time. Thank you to this wonderful team for their dedication and message.


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