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Give Love (and Garden Roses) This Mother's Day!

We dedicate a handful of days a year to important historical figures. But universally, the most significant people we celebrate are our beloved family and friends.

Although celebrated on different dates in different countries, Mother's Day originated from Anna Jarvis, an early 20th-century American activist who proposed a day honoring mothers after her mother passed away in early May 1907. Since then, wearing or giving flowers on Mother's Day has been common. We think that’s because flowers are nature's most beautiful expression of love.

The garden roses that we grow—blooms full of love—come in many different forms, just like mothers do. From this field full of choices, we picked a few varieties to make this day extra special and memorable in a unique half-and-half arrangement.

The first side of this arrangement is a burst of easily distinguishable varieties. A warm-tone-to-pinks color-blocked array pops with the uniquely vivid Sunset, her seemingly shifting orange petals next to the joyful lemon-yellow of Catalina and the versatile green of Princess Midori Spr. Deep blue delphinium adds a touch of contrast. These garden roses create a delightful burst of color that leaves a loving, endearing and fun impact. The varieties come together in a vibrant and eclectic mix, each one standing out and showing its unique beauty! 

The other side of the arrangement shimmers with a variety of pink shades and textures. Traditionally, pink symbolizes the celebration of a living mother, while white is chosen in honor of a mother who has passed. This side contains a mix of the vibrant Hettie (AUSCP17117), Baronesse and Millicent (AUSCP17432). Medium tones offer fullness and effervescence, contrasting with the sweetness of Pink O'Hara, Mariatheresia and Princess Fairy Kiss Pink Spr. Just as there are countless ways to show love, there are as many shades of pink in roses. You can choose the depth and layered fashion of the deeper tones or the sweetness and elegance of the lighter tones, each carrying its own symbolic meaning.

This Mother's Day, we give gratitude and appreciation in all shapes and shades for mothers and mother figures who have handled the accompanying joys, struggles, both small and significant feelings of pride, and hardships of the role with grace. Happy Mother's Day from Alexandra Farms!


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