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Designer Spotlight: The Sophisticated, Organic Style of Katie Noonan

Katie Noonan is a California-based floral designer and owner of Noonan’s Wine Country Designs. She’s an Alexandra Farms Certified Designer, an accredited member of AIFD and a member of Chapel Designers, specializing in weddings and events.

Walk us through your design aesthetic.

My design aesthetic is a blend of sophistication and organic elements. I love to bring depth and texture by thoughtfully curating a mix of flowers and by designing in a way that captures their natural beauty.

What is your process for creating a typical design?

A typical design starts with a base flower or greenery creating the shape, then we layer in the flowers and group types of flowers. The garden roses are typically our last flower to layer into the design, as we like to call them the "icing" on the design.

What challenges you?

Unique color combinations are always a good challenge. Finding the perfect shade of roses to compliment a linen or dress color to bring the full design together is always a good challenge for me.

Why do you choose Alexandra Farms varieties? How do our garden roses and dahlias play a role in your design vision? 

We choose Alexandra Farms for many reasons. Mainly the beauty and the immense diversity of varieties of roses, but also because of their quality to hold up and open beautifully once we've received the roses.

What are your go-to favorite Alexandra Farms varieties?

For neutral weddings, my go-to is always Purity. For more colorful weddings, I love the Wabara collection, especially the Miyabi and Sola Spr roses.

How do you pair Alexandra Farms garden roses with other botanicals?

Pairing the garden roses is easy. They literally can go with almost anything, and they always are going to elevate your designs, so even if it's paired with a carnation the design still looks luxurious.

Designer Challenge

How would you create a holiday-themed design using the garden rose variety Darcey?

Darcey pairs well with rich jewel tones, so I would incorporate her into a design with deep purple tones and magentas, with just hints of holiday greens.

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