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Alexandra Farms Introduces Nine Garden Rose Varieties to Our Diverse Collections

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Alexandra Farms, the world’s largest grower of fresh-cut garden roses, proudly announces the latest additions to our collections. Alongside three garden roses, we’re introducing six varieties of spray roses from breeders in France, Holland and Japan.

Wabara Garden Roses

We’re thrilled to bring three spray rose varieties to the market from Rose Farm Keiji, the renowned Japanese breeder. These three varieties are exclusively grown by and available from Alexandra Farms.

Sola Aoi Fuga Loli

Sola’s wavy petals in luxurious lavender gain depth and dimension from touches of beige-pink in an airy, ruffled rose with an antique elegance. Her medium-size blooms can last for 12 days in the vase.

Aoi Fuga brings a rich shade of Persian pink with hints of lavender to the range of new options among spiral spray roses. Her medium-size blooms open wide and typically come three to a stem.

Loli’s undulating outer petals in dusty pink are touched here and there with bright, reddish-pink, and they enclose a sandy-toned center. She pairs well with pink, peach, caramel or any similar warm, earthy tone.

Deluxe Garden Roses

In the six new varieties belonging to our diverse Deluxe Garden Rose Collection, we are pleased to introduce three garden roses and three spray roses.

Special Bride White Ashley Westminster Abbey

Special Bride is a classic wedding rose with large, cup-shaped blooms and more than 200 petals in pure white and soft pink. Her outer petals form starry points, while her center petals unfold in tender pleats to reveal a golden, almost hidden heart.

White Ashley is the sister of the popular pink variety, Ashley. She has a large flat rosette shape and buttercream heart. Her sturdy petals open to starry points on the outside, with swirling folds in the interior of the rose.

With wavy petals of an extraordinary platinum color edged in pink lace, Westminster Abbey is a rose worthy of her regal and elegant name. She begins as a pinkish beige that quickly turns to light gray. With as many as 150 petals, her large flowers can last 12 days in the vase.

Blanche Sahara Sensation Spray Wedding Rosever

Our first pure white spray rose, the aptly named Blanche spreads her petals wide over about five days, forming a shallow cup with an expansive display. This beauty has a hint of cream in the center and the palest green tint in her outermost petals.

Sahara Sensation is a truly sensational spray rose, with colors like the first light of dawn, the golden sands of the desert and pale peach. She opens halfway, then holds her shape to reveal inner petals forming an enclosed spiral.

With about 30 petals to each flower, Wedding Rosever blooms into soft waves of blush pink and white as they open wide, forming airy, ruffled rosettes. She grows four or more medium-sized blossoms on a single stem.

Alexandra Farms continually searches for garden roses worthy of a welcome into our family of unique varieties. In addition to unique colors, shapes and fragrances, roses must have at least a 10-day vase life after they’ve been nurtured, harvested, carefully packaged and shipped under the expert care of our rose-loving team in Bogotá, Colombia.


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