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3 New David Austin Varieties And 6 Florists From Around The World

Launching three new roses into the floral market is exciting but there’s also an anticipation as to how the floral designer and wedding couple will perceive our new varieties. The opinion of both greatly matters to us as we want the experience of working and using our roses to be an immersive and enjoyable one.

Over the years, we have been privileged and honored to work alongside some incredibly talented floral designers for which we are ever grateful, and what better way to celebrate these new roses than to collaborate with floral designers from around the world? After all, we breed the roses, but the florist brings them to life through artistry and design and we absolutely love to see unique style and creativity in this ever-evolving industry.

So let us introduce to you… 6 floral designers who have brought our roses to life through their own vision and interpretation.

Myrtle et Olive

Meet Heather from Myrtle et Olive. Heather has an innate style and we love her work so we were delighted when she agreed to create some floral magic with Bessie, Hettie and Millicent.

Heather created a floral feast of colour capturing the contemporary along with an art deco and country twist. She demonstrates how you can bring all these collective looks together and make them work harmoniously.

Floral Designer: @myrtleetolive ⁠

Rentals: @bespokedecor

Photography: @nadiahungphotograph

Out of the three varieties, Heather had a clear favorite, hear what she has to say:

“With her striking pink hues and distinctive wavy petals, Hettie holds a special place in my heart. Hettie shines as the paragon of adaptability. The bold and beautiful shade of striking pink that Hettie dons makes her a top recommendation for my beloved Asia brides. Hettie’s vibrant hue is the ideal selection for those looking to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to their traditional ceremonies, ensuring that the rose you choose is anything but ordinary.”

Branco Prata

Say hello to Sofia from Branco Prata, who describe themselves as “Tempestuous floral design.” We love that description and can see this tempestuous flair within their floral designs below. Sofia brings in texture to her designs with draped fabric, stone pedestals and metal urns. There is a cleanness and structure to her work along with bringing in these extra textured details to create fun and theatre.

Photography & Floral Design: @brancoprata

Sofia comments, “We had the wonderful opportunity to design with two new varieties of roses from David Austin Wedding Roses, the wonderful Hettie and Millicent.

It was such a great exercise to create floral compositions with these two beauties. The colors are exquisite and the scent is truly incredible. Their longevity is quite impressive and they are perfect to create a more modern but romantic style.”

Keira Fleur

Keira Fleur has been on our radar as we see a synergy between our roses and their style. Kim captured the beauty of our roses with simplistic design and artistic placement. Framing Hettie and Millicent together as a complementary duo and creating a whimsical vibe in their signature style. We love their interpretation of styling with our roses and it shows how they become so versatile in different designs and settings.

Floral Designer: @keirafleur

Lottas Floral Studio

Friends of our grower Alexandra Farms, Shallima from Lottas Floral Studio created a sumptuous table arrangement oozing luxury and glamour fit for a special occasion. We love the contemporary vibe and attention to detail that she created in this inviting setting. The darker mood of the interior marries well with the colorful tones of Hettie and Millicent, a perfect pairing of contrast.

Photography: @franciscogalloc

Floral Designer: @lottas_floralstudio

Shalli said, “It brings me immense joy to share with you this visual feast—a reel of images and videos portraying the enchanting tableau of the landscape. I proudly introduce the latest treasures from the earth: Hettie, Bessie, and Millicent by David Austin Wedding Roses, and meticulously nurtured by the talented hands of our friends at Alexandra Farm. A visual testament to the harmonious dance between nature and human craftsmanship.”

Dogwood & Fir

We have loved and admired Gilberto from Dogwood & Fir over the years. Full of charisma we knew Gilberto would bring our roses to life in a way like no other. Gilberto creates absolute theatre and emotion in his work, which is why we have loved working with him. The detail is unique and he creates a picture that paints a thousand words. Reminiscent of the Mad Hatter Tea Party we love the creativity Gilberto has portrayed.

Photography: @kerryjeannephoto

Floral Designer: @dogwoodandfir

Katya Hutter Floral Design

Katya has been our floral friend for some time now. She is a constant inspiration with an attention to detail that goes beyond our expectations. Not one to shy away from colour and glamour but she does this in a considered way. She captivates emotion and we love how she has used our roses to intertwine with interior and bridal fashion.

Photography: @alexandravonkphoto

Floral Designer: @katyahutterfloraldesign

Katya expresses: “Bessie is a quick opener and a unique rose. Her rosette is delightfully full of petals and gorgeously open, while her colour mesmerisingly transitions from cream, peach through to nude and ivory tones. In my opinion she embodies a sense of romance, luxury and royalty, yet she retains a pure and innocent charm. Simply captivating.”


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