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2019 Garden Rose Design Contest: Announcing the Winners!

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our second annual Garden Rose Design Contest!

Hundreds of entries were submitted, by designers in 37 countries around the world. Ranging widely in style, the submissions truly inspired us with their creative use of color, texture and form—proof that garden roses and floral artistry are a perfect match.

Thank you to all of the participants! We truly enjoyed seeing the creativity of your designs.

Want to participate next year? Be on the lookout in spring 2020 for information how to enter the contest.


World Contest

Judges for the World contest were Jose R. Azout, president of Alexandra Farms; David J.C. Austin, managing director of David Austin Roses; Tomas De Bruyne, international floral designer and educator; and David Coake, editorial director of Florists’ Review.

Look for a full story on this year’s contest in the October 2019 issue of Florists’ Review.

First place / Wedding Bouquet - Floral Designer: Tobey Nelson, Tobey Nelson Events + Design, Clinton, WA. Varieties: Bridal Piano and Mariatheresia. Photographer: Suzanne Rothmeyer Photography

First place / Everyday Design - Floral Designer: Katie Noonan, Noonan’s Wine Country Designs, San Luis Obispo, CA. Varieties: Caramel Antike and Golden Mustard. Photographer: Ashley Ludaescher

Second place / Wedding Bouquet - Floral Designer: Nancy Zimmerman, Fancy Florals by Nancy, Fairbury, IL. Varieties: Miranda and Keira. Photographer: Stephanie Wood Photography

Second place / Everyday Design - Floral Designer: Jessie Partridge, Maidenhair, Ocean Springs, MS. Varieties: Romantic Antike, Caramel Antike and Princess Charlene of Monaco. Photographer: Jerrod Partridge

Third place / Wedding Bouquet - Floral Designer: Kara Beane, Joyous Blooms, Yukon, OK. Variety: Miyabi. Photographer: Paige Keeton-Blu Knot Wedding

Third place / Everyday Design - Floral Designer: Meghan Maldonado, Flowers by Mae Mae, Chino Hills, CA. Variety: Romantic Antike. Photographer: Devon Donahue

Readers’ Choice / Wedding Bouquet - Floral Designer: Gina Thresher, From the Ground Up Floral, Kent, WA. Variety: White Cloud. Photographer: Sara Anne Photography

Readers’ Choice / Everyday Design - Floral Designer: Julie Mulligan,, Belle Harbor, NY. Variety: Princess Hitomi. Photographer: Joe Scafuro

Commonwealth of Independent States

Judges for the Commonwealth of Independent States contest were Jose R. Azout, president of Alexandra Farms; David J.C. Austin, managing director of David Austin Roses; Araik Galstyan, general manager of the Araik Galstyan Moscow International Floral Design School; and Galina Kondratieva, deputy chief editor for floristry at Moscow-based Flowers Magazine (Цветы).

Look for a full story on this year’s contest in the September 2019 issue of Flowers Magazine.

First place - Floral Designer: Irina Snatenkova. Varieties: Mayra’s Rose, Princess Kishi, Mariatheresia, Mayra’s Bridal Pink, and Tess

Second place - Floral Designer: Alexandra Kostryukova. Variety: Juliet. Photographer: Ameli Décor

Third place - Floral Designer: Lilit Aghayan. Varieties: Cream Yves Piaget and Angie Romantica (not grown by Alexandra Farms)

Readers’ Choice - Floral Designer: Fatkullin Rome. Variety: Juliet. Photographer: Danil Shestakov


In each contest and category, the first-place winner will be invited to join us in early 2020 for an all-expense-paid trip for two to our fragrance-filled greenhouses at Alexandra Farms, located high in the Andes mountains in the beautiful savannah of Bogotá, Colombia.

The remaining winners can choose from our garden rose varieties and place orders to receive them—free of charge and freight included—until their award is exhausted. Second-place and Readers’ Choice winners will receive 1000 stems; third-place winners will receive 500 stems.

About the Judging Process

As in 2018, we invited submissions in two categories: Wedding Bouquet and Everyday Design. This year, the contest also took place in two arenas, as two separate contests: a World contest and a second contest specifically organized for designers in the Commonwealth of Independent States, plus Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, with a single category of design and with Russian as the common language.

We’d like to thank our judges, who faced a challenging task in evaluating so many entries showing a high level of skill and talent.

All designs were judged on the following criteria: how garden roses were used in the design; photo quality; and overall design aesthetic and composition. The judges received a photo of each design (with any identifying information removed) and assigned it a score. The scores were added up, and the three designs with the highest scores were awarded first, second and third place. Readers’ Choice Award winners were chosen by public online voting during the month of July.


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