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Mayra's Bridal Pink Deluxe Garden Rose
Mayra's Bridal Pink Deluxe Garden Roses


Deluxe Garden Rose

Exclusively Grown by Alexandra Farms

An outer frame of white petals, with overlapping, scalloped edges does much to enhance the tender pink of the center petals of Mayra’s Bridal Pink. Her very romantic colors and light rose fragrance make her an ideal choice for wedding work. She is a sister to Mayra’s Rose.

Color: Pink

Secondary Color: White

Bloom Form: Rosette

Bloom Size (6 day period): Starts at 1.9 and opens to 4.6 inches

Head Size: Small

Petal Count: 130

Fragrance Intensity: 2 of 5

Fragrance: Rose

Vase Life: 10 Days

Origin: Spain

Length: 30-50 cm

Side Shoots: No

Bloom Opening Habit: 90%

Year Launched: 2017

Substitute: Sabrina, Bridal Piano, Mayra's Rose, Mariatheresia

Pantone Color:

1765 C

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Mayra's Bridal Pink Deluxe Garden Rose arrangements
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