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Caramel Antike Deluxe Garden Rose
Caramel Antike Deluxe Garden Rose


Cabbage Garden Rose

SAF Red Ribbon

“Caramel and cream” beautifully describes the distinctive color of this large, impressive, high-fashion flower, which has lighter tones near the edges and darker tones in the center. Caramel Antike retains her spherical shape as she opens just wide enough to reveal a multitude of overlapping petals. A light fragrance adds to her charm. She is the sister of Romantic Antike.

Color: Sand

Secondary Color: Tan

Bloom Form: Globular

Bloom Size (6 day period): Starts at 1.9 and opens to 4.9 inches

Head Size: Large

Petal Count: 110

Fragrance Intensity: 1 of 5

Fragrance: Not applicable

Vase Life: 10 Days

Origin: Germany

Length: 30-50 cm

Side Shoots: No

Bloom Opening Habit: 70%

Year Launched: 2006

Substitute: Princess Charlene, Golden Mustard

Awards: SAF Red Ribbon

Pantone Color:

Caramel Antike Deluxe Garden Rose arrangement

P 20-15 C

P 7-14 C

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